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Organized medicine in Upper Canada (subsequently the Province of Ontario) began in the year 1824 when Dr. Charles Duncombe and Dr. John Rolph opened a small school of medicine in the city of St. Thomas.
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Welcome to the Division of Anatomy

The Division of Anatomy had a mandate to pursue excellence in scholarship and to provide the highest quality educational experience in human gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology and embryology to students in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Arts and Science, Physical and Health Education, and the School of Graduate Studies (including students in Speech and Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Biomedical Communications).

The Division has a core complement of 6 tenured or tenure stream basic science faculty and two lecturers. Funded scholarly activities in the Division include the creation and evaluation of interactive multimedia for anatomy education, the characterization of adult neural stem cells and investigation of their potential therapeutic applications, the cellular biology of neural degeneration and regeneration, and 3-D modeling of muscle structure and function.

The Division of Anatomy also has a long tradition of textbook writing. One of the most widely used Anatomical atlases in the world, Grant’s Atlas, was written by JCB Grant when he was chair of the department. The dissections that were illustrated for the atlas are housed in Grant’s Museum at the University of Toronto.